The Philosophy

“You can’t walk that path alone, but only you can do the walking”, from a song of the Zapatista of Mexico.

As we enter the first years of the third millennium, it is clear that the world as a whole is facing a challenge of a type never before seen.  Within the 20th century, human populations increased from one and a half billion, in 1900 to over 7 billion by century’s end. 

At the same time the average human lifespan in the 100 years went from an average of just 28 years, in 1900 to over 67 years by 2000.  This was achieved through an enormous increase in agricultural and industrial production, achieved through an expansion in the exploitation of fossil fuel energies. 

This was a fantastic achievement.  The economic system that presided over this growth was based upon the creation of financial debt in the issuance of money, and of continuous economic growth to pay for that debt. 

Finally the environmental impact of those changes means that the current rate of planetary extinction has been growing accurately estimated from one species per year in 1900 to over 100 species a day today, most of which are soil bacteria whose effects on keeping the planet habitable we have no idea. 

We have increased the amount of CO2, the greenhouse warming gas from 280 parts per million to over 400 ppm today, producing climatic disruptions of a kind not seen since the end of the last ice age. 

Any culture that destroys its life support system in the name of progress, is insane, and is practicing a form of ecological suicide.  This is a triple “E crisis”, one of “Energy Depletion”, “Economic Crisis” in world finances, and “Environmental Collapse”, climate change and biodiversity loss. 

It is the energy going into our system, the economuy that runs our system and the environmental impacts coming out of our system, that all need to be changed.  People everywhere recognise that we need to change.  You do I am sure.  But our everyday lives are built upon and support the coming triple E crisis and our future ecological suicide.   But how can we do it?  How can we change?

There is an African proverb; “if you want to go fast you go alone.  If you want to go far you go together”.  But given the interlocking problem described above, we need to go fast and we need to go far.  How do we go alone and together at the same time.  Dragon Dreaming shows us how.

We humans collectively create our reality, both by our actions and our inaction. That is the reason why we can only find the way out of our environmental, economical and identity crises toward a better world if we go together.

The current crises will inevitably be a learning process for humanity, and we have a choice. We can wait until these interlocking problems get worse, hoping that we can make proper changes in the crisis. 

Or we can act now, in this window of opportunity, to deepen our empathy and to better cooperate with each other and with life itself.  In crisis, we tend to respond with fear, which reduces creativity and produces both a lack of trust and win-lose games that in the crisis usually produce violent lose-lose outcomes for all involved – humans and the other species with which we share our world. 

Creativity needs the marriage of time and need, and we need to stimulate planetary creativity on a scale never before attempted, to find a way out of the “triple E crisis”.  How do we do that?

Dragon Dreaming describes and guides us toward a huge liberation of collective intelligence.

But how can we develop joint and individual successful projects out of all these different, individual ideas? How can we come from the inspiration to the creative action?

And how can we ensure feedback which is as rapid and efficient as possible so that we may use it to improve our projects?  In this way we need to cultivate the skills of participating together and observing individually at the same time. 

The new physics teaches us that the old idea of Newtonian science, of the outside observer having no effect upon what he or she observes is a myth. 

We are all participant/observers, and as we get into action so we can recognise ourselves as “temporary nodes in a process of flow”.  We realise that if we are not part of the solution we are part of the problem.

So, come, join us in building a win-win-win world for everybody.  We seek a world that celebrates and benefits from the human presence, instead of as it does at the moment, that suffers from our choices. 

Come and have fun in Dragon Dreaming and join the party!!