If you wish to support the Dragon Dreaming International Website and Platform Community by a donation, you can do so by transfer using our bank account details or via Open Collective.

Our bank account:

Account Holder: Freie Kommunikation und Nachhaltiger Lebensstil e.V.
IBAN: DE02430609671174433908
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, 44774 Bochum, Germany
Subject: DDWP Donation from [Last Name], [First Name]

Open Collective:


Tax reduction

DragonDreaming.org has become part of the German legal entity frekonale e.V. (Freie Kommunikation und Nachhaltiger Lebensstil e.V.), a non-profit organization recognized by German law. Donations can be set off against tax liability.

For amounts up to 200 Euros, your bank statement is sufficient. For amounts of 201 Euros and above we will issue donation receipts upon request. Please consult with your local tax authorities if this kind of tax reduction is applicable in your country.