Dragon Dreaming course with John Croft and Toomas Trapido @ Mooste, Estonia. October 3-6, 2024

Dragon Dreaming course with John Croft and Toomas Trapido at Mooste in Estonia

Have you been dreaming of an idea or a project that is based on environmental sustainability, community and non-hierarchic win-win-win values for all involved?

October 3-6, 2024


The founder of Dragon Dreaming, John Croft is offering a Dragon Dreaming process that starts with registration, goes through the first Dreaming circle and personal work with John and Toomas.It culminates over the period from October 3-6, 2024 in Estonia whenJohn and Toomas facilitate a 4-day intensive.

The Dragon Dreaming project management method is inspired by Australian indigenous traditions and is based on “win-win-win” relationships. This includes cooperation, and creation of new holistic systems. Collective wisdom, personal development and celebration are also vital. It is an effective method that can be applied to any sphere of life. It allows the creation of transformative projects and fills everyday life with new meaning.

By joining us in this course you will discover simple, easily applied techniques of liberating your creativity. Your sensory awareness and perception will be opened. You will re-inhabit your body, feel your heart, and harvest our collective dreams. We will come to value our intuition in new ways. Dragon Dreaming shows how such Holistic Living Systems Theory can be applied to any project anyone would wish to undertake. It is applicable to a variety of project developments, organizations and companies.

In this intensive workshop you will learn how to create projects in line with the Dragon Dreaming objectives of:

Personal growth; commitment to your own healing and empowerment Building community; strengthening the communities of which you are a part Service to the Earth; enhancing the regene-ration, well-being and flourishing of life itself

At the completion of this workshop you will have:

  • a new understanding of the change processes of Dragon Dreaming so as to shift smoothly from gratitude to Dreaming, through practising Deep Listening and Charismatic Communication.
  • undertaken a Comfort Zone Analysis and identified personal blockages that interfere with the possible success of your projects.
  • have conducted a Dreaming Circle and understood how it can be used to recruit new members of your team.
  • completed a Force Field Network Analysis of Helps and Hinderances for your project team, identifying factors that can be changed to facilitate success.
  • used the Wheel of Effectiveness, integrating Theory and Practice within Living Systems Theory, creating processes for Participatory Objective and Goal Setting.
  • created a strategic Karabirrdt for your project, and used it to create the budget and begin delegating tasks for the implementing of your project.
  • uncovered the Song Lines that have brought you together by diagnosing your personal Comfort Zone and completed a project’s Analysis.
  • established your own Key Performance Indicators for your project, and have started designing systems by which this unleashes creativity.
  • discovered the points in which your Project may become blocked and discovered how to Unblock a Project when it occurs.
  • discovered the process of Authentic Celebration by which the story of your Project may be told to others.

JOHN CROFT is an international trainer-consultant and the founder of West-Australian Gaia Foundation. He has been a university lecturer, and a government consultant in sustainable community economic building and regional development, through environmental sustainability. He is the creator of the Dragon Dreaming methodology, which has spread through workshops over the last 20 years to more than 10,700 projects in 56 countries around the world. He is also a Co-founder of the Possibilities Institute.

TOOMAS TRAPIDO fell in love with collective wisdom and facilitating group processes 20 years ago with experiencing Open Space Technology. In 2008 Toomas met John in Germany and immediately connected to Dragon Dreaming. Toomas has been facilitating, learning and practicing Dragon Dreaming ever since. Toomas was in the first dreaming circle in August 2007 where one of the largest civic movements in the service of the Earth – Let’s Do It!/World Cleanup – was born. This has now spread to more practically all the countries on our beautiful planet.


The Dragon Dreaming website has an Open Source Dragon Dreaming work manual which has now been translated into 14 languages Here is a video where John explains Dragon Dreaming


For additional information contact: Toomas Trapido, +372 55570010


 “We have to create a new sustainable and life supporting culture, simplify and decrease the complexity of our lives to win more time and increase the creativity in any aspects of life to build a Great Turning for our future”. – John Croft

The intensive will take place on Oct 3-6 at Mooste in Estonia

The course is organized by Gaia Academy

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